The History of Poker

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history of poker

The game of poker first appeared in literature in 1526. Poker is the game where each player had three cards and the combinations that could be made were three of a kind, a pair and a flux, which is flush that is a three cards of the same suit.

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In the next 20 years, English speaking settlers in the Louisiana Territory adopted the game and called it poker and the features of the modern game were then created.

The earliest reference to poker in America occurs in the literature of Joe Cowell in 1829, who was a touring English actor.

In his description it is clear that the original American game was played with a pack of cards, which included five cards for each player. All of the cards were dealt and the players would then bet on who had the best five card combination.

1834 is the second known date where there is a reference to poker and the game had then been adapted to the modern 52 card deck. Since then the history of poker consists of new features that were introduced to encourage freer betting. The straight was introduced as an additional valuable hand as well as the draw, which allows players to stay in even if they did not have good hands, stud poker, which was used to increase the betting opportunities and the jackpots, which used the player’s antes in order to create an unusually large pot at the start.

In 1871 the spread of poker began with Colonel Jacob Schenck, who was the US minister to Great Britain. He explained the game to a group of men which included members of the British court.

Queen Victoria then heard about the game and was intrigued. Schenck then wrote and privately printed a set of rules to send to her.

Poker was considered a gambling game for men, but after the 1920‘s the popularity of the game extended to both males and females and to all levels of society.

In the 20th century a survey was conducted that showed that poker was the favourite card game among American men and was the third favourite among American women after rummy and bridge. In Great Britain the game ranked after contract bridge with both sexes.

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