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Resize in Windows Forms controls. You can use the system DPI setting to resize the control components by selecting an entry in the application configuration file (app.config) in the application configuration file (eg, icons that appear in a property manual). This feature is currently supported in the Windows Forms controls below:

To enable this feature to Configuration file (app.config) Add a new item and EnableWindowsFormshighDpiautoresizing Set the item as follows TRUE:

Return the values ​​in the Visual Studio debugger. While Visual Studio 2013 debugs in a managed embodiment, while auto ‘s window displays the turn types and values ​​of the methods. This information can be used for desktop, windows store and Windows Phone applications. For more information. Review the return values ​​of method calls.

Edit and continue for 64-bit applications. Visual Studio 2013 Desktop, Windows Store and Windows Phone 64-bit supports the Edit and Continue Feature for managed applications. The current limitations apply to both 32-bit and 64-bit applications (see the last section of the supported code changes (C #)).

Debugs that perceive asynchronously. Visual Studio 2013 To facilitate debugging in incompetent applications, to facilitate debugging, the call stack hides the infrastructure code specified by the compilers to support when compulsory programming, and chains in logical upper frames to be able to watch the logical program execution more clearly. A tasks window replaces the parallel tasks window and displays the tasks related to a specific cutting point, and also displays other tasks that are currently active or scheduled in practice. To find out about this feature, you can find the .NET Framework 4.5.1 announcement in the “Debug” section of “time ingredients” section.

Better exception support for Windows run-time components. Windows 8.1 Protects the information about the specific situations that result from Windows store applications, the information about the error causing the special case throughout the boundaries. In order to learn about this feature, you can find the “Net Framework 4.5.1 announcement in the “Windows Store Application Development” section.

Support for larger arrays from 2 gigabytes (GB) on 64-bit platforms. This feature can be activated in the application configuration file. The object size and other restrictions on the series are listing other constraints Item.

Background for servers is better performance with waste collection. When you use the server trash collection at the .NET Framework 4.5, the background of the waste collection is automatically activated. Look at the Background Server Trash section of the subject of trash collection foundations.

The background is fully in time (JIT) compilation, optionally, can be used in multi-core processors to increase application performance. See. ProfileOptimization.

Before the timeout of the normal expression infrastructure is able to limit the normal expression to resolve the normal expression. See REGEX.MATCHTIMEOUT. feature.

When the class is used at Windows 8, the 2008 version of the International Domain Names in Applications (IDNA) standard support system.

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