Best Casinos for Blackberry


Best Casinos for Blackberry

One of the original smartphones was the Blackberry and it is still popular. Many mobile casinos have now developed software that is compatible with Blackberry smartphones. Here are the top three casinos for Blackberry.

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Ruby Royal Casino

This casino has a variety of games on offer including slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, scratch games and more.

Blackberry users will be able to play their favorite games for real money wherever they go.

Casino Club

The Casino Club casino offers users realistic graphics that run smoothly as well as a wide selection of games.

If you are a lover of slot games then you will be able to play these on your Blackberry with Casino Club as well as roulette and blackjack.

They also have a good deposit bonus which is worth taking advantage of.

Europa Casino

From the Europa Casino you will only get the best. The casino has won many awards for design, customer service and other features of their platform. The mobile version of this casino is just as good as the online version.

As a Blackberry user you will be able to choose from a list of casino games which include video poker, slots, roulette and scratch cards. You will need to first download the game though so you can play.

Despite the name which does indicate that the casino is for European players the casino does accept players from around the world.

So there you have it, three casinos that you are able to play on your Blackberry for real money. You will be able to play the best and the most popular games anywhere and at any time right from your Blackberry smartphone.

Remember to gamble responsibly and if you use other sites then those that are outlined above ensure that they are safe and secure. You should always research the casino that you want to play at to ensure that it is legitimate and registered.



pai gow poker

Best Casino Games


Best Casino Games

The real fun in gambling is not always the winning, but rather the playing. Here are some of the best casino games.


In bingo players will need to match randomly selected numbers to the numbers that they have on their card. The card is a 5 x 5 and each column is represented by the letters BINGO. When a player forms a specific pattern they call bingo. The card will then get checked, if they win a new round will begin.


In baccarat a player will have three options those being player, tie and banker. Once the players have made their bets they will be dealt two card hands. One is the banker hand and the other is the player hand. The hands are then added. If a hand is more than 10 then the 10 is deducted. If the hand is equal to 10 it becomes 0. The winning hand is the higher of the two hands.



Keno is a lottery game where a player will receive a card numbered 1 to 80. The players will pick up to 20 numbers and bets. 20 random numbers are drawn and the player needs too many numbers to their pick. The more numbers that are matched the higher the winnings.

Pai Gow Poker

In Pai Gow poker the players play against the house instead of the other players. The dealer will deal 7 cards to each player and to themselves. Players will then need to make the best 5 card hands and 2 card poker hands. The 5 card hand will need to rank higher than the 2 card hand. These hands are then compared to the dealers. If both hands are better than the dealers, the player wins. If the hands are worse the player loses. If the dealer and the player win a hand it is a push.


Slot machines are very popular. The player will insert coins into the slot machine and press a button or pull a leaver. The reels will then spin. There are usually 3 reels or 5 reels. The player needs to get a certain combination in order to win, unlock bonuses and so forth.


Poker is based on a 5 card hand. The ranking of hands from lowest to highest are high card, pair, two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush, and royal flush. The player that has the best hand will win. You are able to find various versions of poker including 5-card draw, 5-card stud, Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hold’em, Razz, Pineapple, and 7-card stud.

Other popular casino games are Roulette, Craps and Blackjack.


A Look at the History of Blackjack


Blackjack is a staple in casinos and is also one of the most popular card games played. The origins of blackjack is thought to stem from France where it was called vingt et un or twenty one. Blackjack seems to date back to the 17th century.


Blackjack is played all over the world and is highly popular in Russia where it is known as 21 and Ochko.

The English term of blackjack comes from the original French game where a player is rewarded if they draw a jack of spades and ace of spades as their first two cards. Since the first card drawn was a blackjack the game came to be known as this.

Shortly after the French Revolution blackjack travelled to the US and was soon a favourite with gamblers and casual players. Gamblers realised that blackjack had a solid ground for betting strategy and odds manipulation.

After gambling became legal in the US, blackjack flourished and spread throughout all the casinos in Las Vegas. Las Vegas also became the king of the gambling industry and blackjack was one of the most popular casino games.

Blackjack has attracted the attention of the scientifically minded drawn by the odds and the mathematical possibilities to figure into the 1956, Roger Baldwin came up with the basic strategy for playing blackjack.

Edward Thorp built on the basic strategy and came up with the modern card counting techniques. The card counting strategy uses the knowledge of the cards that have already been dealt in order to make predictions about the cards remaining in the deck. The more low value cards that have been dealt then the more high value cards there are remaining in the deck according to the theory. The player that believes that the deck is stacked with high value cards can up their bet to take advantage of the perceived increase in odds.