It is cut from death and the court or mediator will implement the First Mediation and Bulk Litigation Welcome Agreement available after you start using services.

If you are in the United States, you agree that these conditions affect interstate trade and the interpretation and implementation of the Federal Arbitration Act (including the procedural provisions of the Federal Arbitration) (including the procedures of the procedural). In addition, the relationship between us will be carried out by the laws of California, except the conflict of its legal principles.

If you have anywhere outside the United States, the relationship between these conditions and the relationship between us and the conflict of the legal principles will be carried out by the Irish law.

If you are in the United States, the legal procedures left out of the Mediation Agreement in Chapter 15 (other than the neighborhood of the neighborhood), the parties have not received a mutual agreement on another place, San Francisco should be carried out to the State or Federal Court in California. You are agreed that Zynga and Zynga Corporate Family are San Francisco, California’s legal solution and jurisdiction.

If you are in any place other than the United States, the proceedings must be brought to a court (“Authoritative Judiciary”) in the country where the parties do not agree on another place on another place. You, Zynga and Zynga Corporate Family have agreed that the competent judicial region is the legal solution and jurisdiction mercii.

Each paragraph in these terms works separately from each other. In the Chapter 15, except for the situations defined in the “lack of bulk case”, this requirements will be applied to any part of the Property Terms and Community Rules, will continue to maintain the validity and binding of these conditions, Property Terms and Community Rules. The substances that are not applicable will be economically replaced by the nearest substance that may be illegal or non-applicable.

We can give our rights or obligations to our rights or obligations that are born from the Property Conditions or Community Rules, you can give any person or asset. You, these conditions, feature conditions or Community Rules, you cannot give anyone of your rights or obligations before receiving Zynga’s written confirmation of Zynga, all kinds of export attempts made without our approval are invalid.

All other conditions we refer to this Terms and Music Conditions, it constitutes all of our agreement in terms of the subject of this Terms and our agreement between us and the parties on the parties on the subject of this Terms, you and all of us. Whether this memorandum is made with electronic, verbal or written or traditions, applications, policies or precedent, all of them are replaced. This provision does not apply to the users in the AEA.

We, if we offer these conditions, property terms, community rules, privacy policy or other other rules or other rules or policies, this is only done for informational purposes. The translated versions will be a different version than the English version, then the current version will be the English version. This provision is not applied to the users in the AEA.

In this case, we do not implement our rights within the scope of this Terms of Property or Community Rules, it does not mean that we are waived us in the future. And our business conditions do not mean that it is clearly waived from a substance of the Property Terms or Community Rules, it does not mean that it is waived every time in the future. If we do not fulfill or oppose an obligation, we will do this in writing and this will not mean that we will automatically waive any obligation or against any obligation.

If we have to be a notification according to your requirements, property terms or Community Terms, you are able to send it to you by publishing a message at, or Zynga game / games you have played on We can be notified by communicating in ways.

If you want to send us the notification on a topic in accordance with the Terms, Property Terms or Community Rules, this notification should be made in writing, as long as we are not specified by us by us: Zynga Inc., Attn: Legal Department, 699 8th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.

We, our control outside, natural disasters, battle, terrorism activities, riot, ambargo, civil or military institutions, fire, flood, accident, network infrastructure faults, strikes or transportation services, fuel, energy, workforce or materials.

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