How useful could a 33-year-old player from China could be? Moreover, the history of disability was increasingly puffy. The fans had a promise of a rich head that fulfills the previous request of two years. Perhaps it was … the president couldn’t have much to do with the matter. Already changed the story, it was Drogba himself that writes the story more precisely.

How was she going to start? What was he to do? Was it like in Chelsea or no longer an old old? No one knows what happened. The Chinese league was like a black hole. It was my failure to get there.

It took five minutes to answer all the questions. The first match in Drogba’s Super League, February 2013 … Akhisarspor was not found Galatasaray goals in the displacement. Match 0-0 was ongoing. Drogba has entered the game instead of Hope Cloud in 63 minutes. A ball came after four minutes. Drogba rose. Two defense players with him risen. Someone was surprised, the other fell on the floor, the Drogba ball is the head of the head, the goalie could not lie on the ball. Lake!

While watching the match is not to assign this goal over the surprise, Drogba took the ball on the mid-site, went into a position, gave a pailla and the name prepared the goal this time. Drogba was still like the stone! With the entry of the game, the time of the score was seven minutes from the arrival of 2-0.

OK; Super League quality and level could lift Drogba. There was no need to be as strong as Chelsea to be successful here. But though both in that match and continues, physics always felt that this league is an excess player. The Super League is very valuable ‘old’ players came. Their old ones did not prevent them from being ‘good’. Cated with some skill and technique. With some of the finishers, some of the game intelligence, who is with his knowledge. But in physics, an old man showing that the Drogba is as another level player.

Drogba was in the first season, so in half season, scored five goals. With Real Madrid, he was played with the heel scorer, he was played with his heel goal. But the actual entered very well the next season. He gave a goal with the gogrove to Fenerbahce in the Super Cup game. Scored seven goals in the first half of the season. The dreams founded with Drogba were now a realistic state. He scored a goal there to Juventus, download the historic Golde ball in Istanbul. Everything was going very nice.

In those days, no one thought Drogba will return to Chelsea. Galatasaray – Chelsea match was significant because Drogba’s return to Stamford Bridge. Had a romantic value. Was at least felt like that. But ‘Blue Elephant’ turned this match to a PR run. Moreover, the performance began to fall. After the kura has been pulled, he scored only two goals in the two-month period until the first match played. After the trailer in London was just a match.

Some Galatasaray fans are still offended by Drogba for those days. Even even using heavier expressions. Increasing the bet in London, the free kick in the game in London was intentionally even those who claimed to have a fixed ‘Legend Drogba’ ban on the stand-on the street. The galatasarayed fans can be broken the heart but there is a fact; Drogba came from China to Turkey and returned to where it started from there.

At the beginning of the post, we said ‘bad transfer on paper’, the facts were the opposite! Turkey said no player could not draw like the way the route of Drogba.

He was perhaps Nicolas Anelka who approached him. French star, Fenerbahce Bolton, Chelsea went on from there, perhaps, but it is already suitable age when it comes to Turkey.

Then let’s list the terms; You will have a very large career, you will run 1.5 years at the Super League, you will stay two years from the senior leagues, your age will be on one of the most powerful teams of Europe, and you will experience the championship in the league.

Drogba has no need to explain the career in Marseille, which begins in Marseille and the peak in Chelsea. Galatasaray’s days would be long long to tell long long. These are all known. But it is sufficient to make sense to Chelsea from Galatasaray to summarize all his career.

Drogba was always such a footballer. In the brightest times in Chelsea, when it falls on the field on the field, it was not to change the manager in 2012 and the Champions League and even in the first Akhisar match in the first Akhisar match. He has always tried to win. Till the last moment is passionately tied to this game and ambition. Maybe may have seen Galatasaray as a springboard. Galatasaray fans can also be mad at it. But at least; Didn’t see Super League as a pension.

It is very hard to know which motivation of the footballer is whatever. If a player from China to Turkey, giving you some feelings, then there is no absolute truth in this business.

“I was doing everything with the love of football, I feel. Because I was only feeling when I live. The football lives, I was taking football in me with every breath I received. “

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