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This visa application is carried out by each country’s own ambassasters or consularities, and during these operations, each country applies a team rules caused by their laws and regulations. You must do at least one month before the start of your trip to your visa application as early as you can. We receive support from visa on Our wishing passengers can work with the visa firm they want. Except for family rooms or some private rooms, 2 + 2 or 3 + 1 accommodations will be made in 2 + 2 or 3 + 1, can create jam in the room and the extra beds may not be in steady bed comfort. Room breakfasts are the end of the morning breakfast with the breakfast day.

The services provided within the concept of the facilities and the use of some service areas may be limited or closed during the accommodation depending on Covid-19 and the legal regulations. Some services may not be partially or completely available.

All guests that make a reservation; At first, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Health, local institutions / authorities, compliance with all the measures of the relevant institutions related to Covid-19; At first, the HEPP code has to provide all the information requested from themselves. Some services to be presented to guests who do not meet the measures can be terminated. The facility and etstur are not responsible for the negative situations where guests do not comply with the measures taken under Covid-19.

Within the scope of Covid-19 measures taken by public institutions in order to protect the health of guests; The HEPP code query will be made during the entrance of the guests. The facility may not accept the diagnosed or contact guests as a result of the inquiry, may take the isolation room, request the exit from the facility, or other operations that are required under the arrangements of the relevant public institutions.

All guests who make a reservation are both determined by the Ministry of Health after the entrance to the property to maintain their own health and public health, and after the departure of the Ministry of Health after the accommodation is separated; Covid is responsible for implementing all the necessary measures within the scope of 19. All guests with a health problem or doubt about Covid-19 symptoms must apply to the health institutions prior to the entrance to the facility. Covid-19 is responsible for the damage to guests or caused by the damage they are responsible for whatever reason is for the reason, etstur.

All Hotel accommodations shown on the page are the initial starting prices to be made with Bonus Card for the date range you are looking for. All prices are valid if the corresponding product is quota. Discounted prices may apply to the only payments to be made with other credit cards in some cases. Facility prices specified during booking can only be applied for TC citizens. If one of the guests have a different country citizen except TC, the facility can request the price difference.

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If you are a great fan of poker, but you can download and install a good poker game for Android on your smartphone or tablet on your smartphone or your tablet to find the people to play the century card game. Poker is a favorite among casino players, so if you want to play online for money or just play for fun, there are options for both on Google Play Store.

Because the poker is very popular, there are tons of poker games on the Google Play Store. This means that there are many wonderful poker games there and then there are some bad games.

Considering this, we have found the best seven best poker games for Android that filtering the trash for you! If you want to play a good poker game on your phone or tablet, be sure to follow the following!

There is an Appeak poker in the first place on our list. The development studio boasts more than 100,000 players so you can get your phone and start the game at any time. It has a simple and clean user interface to facilitate the works as well as in-game challenges.

Appeak offers various style games such as poker, sit and go games or normal poker games. When your coins run out, the game gives you 7, 000 free coins a day. You can check the App Poker from the link below for yourself.

If you are looking for a free way to play Poker, Texas Hold ‘Em style, Zynga Poker do not look at anyone else. Zynga Poker has tons of different options to play Texas HOLD ’em, such as poker, tournament style, accelerated tournaments, leagues and even social experiences.

Zynga Poker is like the rest of this list, mostly only for entertainment and social directions – you can’t make real money here.

DH Texas Poker is an excellent application to play Texas Hold ’em. DH Texas works like poker, other applications, but it gives you many awards to get to work. Start the poker career with 80 thousand first free chips, daily gifts, friends gifts and daily rewards.

VIP tables you can play and only have friends tables. Beyond this, DH Texas Poker has various game modes – play now, lucky table, private room, choose Casino, Sit & Go and others.

Next, we have Poker Governor 3. This is your typical poker game, but tons of different features and mods available. For example, Texas Hold ’em has different poker modes that you can play like Em, Blackjack and other online games. Poker 3 governor is probably the best for beginners and allows them to understand how these games are being played quite easily. You can check the Governor of Poker 3 game from the link below for free.

Poker Heat is another fun poker game for Android. In Poker Heat, you will participate in one of the available seven leagues and then play against other players in these leagues.

The person who is defeated and reached the League Peak and win the big prizes. With more than one million installations, you will never end up with a person who can compete. If you are running out of any plug, Poker Heat offers you free daily, but you can enter online stores and buy Chip packages.

Would you like to compete against real people? Then you can think of the pokerist. This game will allow you to play against online players, will also compete against friends on Facebook.

The pokerist distributes the free plug every day, but you can enter the in-game store as always and buy a ton of real money. The pokerist says the hand dispensing is fair with random generator, so each player must have the same winning rate (ie, someone does not need to be in favor of the pokerist).

The World Series of Poker is probably the best poker game you can get from the Google Play Store. The game has more than ten million loading, so this game is always full of activity. One of the elegant advantages in which World Series of Poker provides you, others do not provide you with: Free plug every four hours. You don’t have to wait a day to renew your chips.

Texas Hold ’em and you can play a few poker style games and you will be able to compete against other players opposite the money. You can earn one of the most famous money award-winning poker players to make money: WSOP bracelet.

So what poker game should you download your Android smartphone or tablet? If you need to choose only one, we recommend to go to the World Series of Poker. This is the most popular poker game in Android with more than 10 million installations, so you can always have people who will play against and even win great prizes. Poker Heat is also great to win the prize. However, if you are a newbie, you may want to give a good and long trial to the Governor of Poker 3.

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Again, who was using this pulse attempt, ‘Allah’s grace’, embracing as the political opportunity? He was Erdogan as well.

Now when you are in the airplane in the air in the air, while he is hiding in the tunnel of the Prime Minister, while you are trying to guarantee a way of guaranteeing from the Army Commander in Istanbul, and go to the parliament ‘Immediately to the Parliament, I’m coming to Ankara. ‘Which face are you asking about our General President that says?

Then we also ask; ‘What was your job in Marmaris before impact? Why did the airplanes, helicopters stand there? Did you receive an intelligence in advance? What time did you board the airplane? Why did not publish the Report Report to the TBMM Pulse Research Commission in which the opposition involving these issues include? ‘

The unclear, the clouds of doubt on, are the role of these in this impact. Are sinking as they talk. Our General Chairman told. Explain records who showed who is the day, who is talking to. Reveal HTS records. May the facts arise. But I’m saying again, the day, the day, the day, the day of July 15 and the day of July 20 will be illuminated.

The arrogant man of the palace on his finger on the ten black. The Palace Propaganda officers also entered the saint memories of our martyrs on the 15th of July martyrs with the MEHtered films. 309 million pounds were collected for the relatives of July 15 and veterans. The dollar of dollars he collected makes $ 81.5 million. He asked for the right to martyr relatives and veterans. Those didn’t leave the martyrs near and veterans. Before you give it a calculation of his / her on July 15, where the gathered donations gathered for the relatives and veterans. For the saint memories of our saints of 251 citizens, we are asking for 2 thousand 196 to the right of our gas. Where went these coins? Why not be paid to the right owners? The right of our martyrs and veterans, who has entered the nest of the They respond? They do not give.

Beyond the feth ocean but the ideas are in power. We’ve seen this in the end of the law given to the ‘multi bar’. The Gazi, which reveals the palace, martyr families and their lives, has given the right of our citizens, has a FETO project ‘Multi Baro’ project. The Group Chairman of the Government was also saying Saffatin while providing season. ‘FETO, PKK Baro has established, the course was’ Deyiver. This is the mindset with the mindset fetCO and PKK for years of arm walking arm coke. Here are 251 citizens due to this mindset. Neylesin Beards when you don’t be the mind? However, they do not pay the cost of their brainsteps and the Palace. The price always pays our nation.

This guardianship regime is our nation, not only in life; with his job, he’s testing with vaccine. TURKSTAT in the custody of the Saray’s society’s grooming, the unemployment figures had just explained. From the day he made the palace regime to the day, ie the past two years. Our 3 million 202 thousand citizens have lost their job. In one month, only 968 thousand in one month is separated from their job.

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The most common 777 casinospill can consist of these, but the next OMTO is not limited to:

All the above slot machines are considering the traditional and simple-minded internet games that are currently a bit faded, because the latest niche game sites always want to repair and improve the types of pc play-oriented product. On The Other Hand, Bonus video game record, multiplier decisions and many more modern 777 slot machines that can be characterized by many reward showcases such as more moves. Casino På internetT Web site pages regularly has the following 3D games in their lists, and this is demanded among the characters that are promoted in the terrestrial casino that has made the best of all the free 777.

Some of these updated 777 slot games can be found in a variety of online casino providers that you can have the wide range of matches to have these types. The slot machine games can only contain much more than having large strokes to rotate and generated a particular roller. ACTUALLY 777 video slots are highlighted in some cases as well as more attractive graphics cards, while also suffering from a much more seductive cars to use consumers in online casinos.

The best 777 slots in this category will experience a strong and amazing game of a full-fledged plus criteria that can be found more in all internett-casino matches when you try to play the best 777 slots.

Modern and revitalized variations of 777 casino slots are adding too much desire to Casino-supported Go Through and transforms into this kind of boring games that are significantly more respectful by any kind of gamblers. As A Result is not only strange and happy parts in your business, but also if you want to get a few expensive rewards for the effort to practice, you can be sure to get a short-lived solution that you really try to find from the events in this category. And this means to choose the entertainment in our field and start without a quick look!

777 When I mentioned the Internet games such as opening, in these modern times, it may be wise to realize that every type of online online casino web pages hoped to offer this entertainment with its product range, because they are very liked by gambling lovers that are interested in making online offers and obtain a good return on operation. 777 Slot machines come with a series of screens to meet the styles and orders between modern casinos that enjoy the general public. ACTUALLY, as a result, the holes have several instruments in your hand. A good example maybe the correct varieties can be:

The multiplier is a fun feature that distributes a person’s payments several times, in fact, in a series of options that can be accessed from similar fashion web entertainments such as 777 Spill. If you use the new consistent feature diversity of Also and to take advantage of various added people, then you can notice this intention with a multiplier to the highest level and you can capture much higher treasures along your web-based game.

Assuming a professional medical herd, 777 has much more to give spilleautomater drivers to this way. Therefore, InternetT-Casino Powered Entertainment players will enjoy features such as real various replacement returns that are often availed to make your home much more enjoyable and breathtaking. This feature can be found in many different 777 top slots in both new and simple manner.

Actually, 777 slots left a little distance, because the moment they are about to start and the moment they have emerged for both men and women, so most of these game site entertainment placed a daily double disc as it is made over the internet, but the ammuniton record bonus selection game discounts began to offer. Having bonus activities in the best 777 slots allows the site to download backward rewards to achieve many more advantages of stimulated players and to improve their valuable goods.

Finally, but still not the smallest amount, 777 automater comes with an amazing feature like a chance to break a great bonus, if you are lucky to obtain the most of the same consecutive consecutively covered. It, Of Course aims to ensure that the online casino motivated coaches are tending to be very pleased with what they are currently capturing when performing 777 casino games over the network. It is what makes you achieve an absolute rate and splendor for more important opportunities that are much larger earnings and characters for casino entertainment.

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In any case the betting site is one of the latest online platforms of the Jumpman operator. Is the brand significantly different from other brands? Not really. At least not in terms of games, banking options and other features. The order of the Casino and the General Setup is probably the most prominent difference between all. Nevertheless you can always count on this bet site to offer an exciting gaming experience. After all, it works with some impressive and quality developers. Regardless of the situation, it is referring to the culture of today. This is certainly nothing bad because Jumpman Gaming can add other themes to online casino sites? No doubt, the operator has at least passed through all of them.

You can find the most popular casino games in Hopibahis Casino. This site mention developers uses some companies very popular in the game lobby. These include developers such as Microgaming, Netent, Eyecon, Barcrest et al. Therefore, you will see that there are a lot of games in the lobby. However, most of these are the slot varieties, but it remains a very popular casino game to access them. As this brand is in casino, there is really no category to browse different types of game in the lobby. This may be that non-slot games may be quite inadequate here.

Therefore, slot games are a basic focal point for all of them. It can be understood that slots are perhaps the most popular game option in such sites. In the game lobby, the Agent Jane Blonde Returns will find slots such as Joker’s jewels, Aloha. Cluster Pays can access Shaman’s dream, magical Prince and Centurion. In addition, if you are a fan of trying to win the amounts of great bonuses, the various slots included are available.

If you want to take a break from slot games, there are several possibilities to access this site. There are three roulette versions, including European roulette in the lobby. Nevertheless only a single Blackjack offers. While there are several classic slot games in the lobby, you can also access a video poker game.

They prefer fast and reliable methods for all deposits of money. If there is something that this style casinos are successful is consistent with existing installation and options. This is definitely true in terms of banking methods that the platforms accept. Move to this site can only be made with the Turkish Lira currency and the transactions must be at least 100 TL. You can benefit from credit and debit cards, including both Visa and MasterCard products. Papara e-wallet is an option such as a share casing. Otherwise, you must use the method of ‘Pay with Mobile’ which offers you the option of deposit up to 100 TL per day.

You can withdraw money through the card, cepbank or bank transfer and you must fully verify your account so that you can request. When you have a withdrawal request, it is on standby 72 hours. Withdrawal can be any quantity, but on the top for anything demanded under 300 TL 2.

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You can get to us and play Totobo with easy and simple accessibility.

From the leading companies of the world of the betting, raftbahis continues to have no speeds to the betting lovers. The sector we have been serving for years has always been the guarantee of what we do. Now we’ve come to bring a new faded to the betting world with Totobo Betting. Nothing will remain as old as you are now and we will continue to surprise you. Remember that the bet is a serious job and brings great labor. The energy given to ourselves to be a philosophy of ourselves to be a philosophy of us, is our greatest motivation in this road. We are here for the safety of you, and we are busy with the raftbahis family to make it comfortable with your services to make it comfortable. You can also take advantage of our new facilities with Totobo Betting.

What did we aim to do with Totobo betting as rivaxbahis, what have we been to do, to do? We have done a job that we did, we didn’t do it. Never promise you any other sites that we do not do, do not forget to imitations can never reflect the facts. Join us for the unique and unique bet experience with Totobo Betting and experience the reality share of these words by playing the reality share. Remember, rival is a brand of rival and is not an easy to be brand. Trust, dedication asks for labor and experience. In order to build for years, our system we labor to our teeth are always renewed and develops himself in order to be able to be able to be able to satisfy the betting lovers. Once you join the Totobo Bet, you will understand them better after joining us.

After combining superior German technology with the German license, Totobo bet, you are here to live new experiences and different pleasures. As a rivalry, our assurance is never shaken confidence in us. Remember that you do not sit on the tree Kilies, do not trust people die. But Totobo betting unconditional trustless trust, because it never leaves you halfway. The only purpose and legs are to earn your trust and make earnings to your earnings. This is the greatest reason for the service we have given for years. Now we will maximize your bet on the TOTOBO bet with a more handy and simple service.

What is Totobo? The Totobo is an online betting platform that has managed to attract attention on the betting sector from the day it was founded. Basketball, volleyball from football with hundreds of sports competitions, with many activities from football, ice hockey, waterball to e sports games from American football. We also see that when we ask the TOTOBO, they are on-site to dozens of slot games, casino games, roulette, bingo. These games are quite easy to bet every moment you can bet with comfort, comfort. If you want to find out what is TOTOBO is the first to join us and enjoy this pleasure.

Another response of the question is Totobo is the TOTOBO online bet site. Totobo Online Betting site, who has started broadcast life under TOTOBO, is also a rivalry organization.

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The 22bet Casino was launched in 2018 and has Curacao Egaming and UK Gambling Commission licenses. The casino was launched by a group of casinos to provide a platform that meets the needs of the bakers. They offer a complete sports book to suit the gigantic online casino section.

The casino offers two deposit bonuses. The first deposit bonus is up to $ 100 for $ 100 for sports betting account and $ 300 for Casino and 22 BET score. The second deposit bonus is 22% of the amount deposited for up to $ 50 for bets and $ 300 and 22 BET score for casino.

22bet Casino has a long play list offered. The most popular slot games include Texan Tycoon, Viking Gods Thor and Loki, Book of Magic, Starburst, Dead Or Alive and Immortal Romance. They also have board games and video poker machines. Blackjack is available in poker and roulette casinos. Mobile versions can be played on smartphones and desktops. The mobile casino lobby has filter settings to select the type of games or providers. The casino has a separate live casino section on site. They are interested in roulette, blackjack, baccarat, dream catcher and monopoly games.

22bet is developed by various software developers such as Casino Games, Netent and Play’n Go. They also have Red Tiger, Iron Dog, SG Gaming and Real Time Gaming other game studios. There are many games on the 22bet casino site, so it worked with many game developers to accomplish this.

There are different banking options to pay the casino. Visa, Skrill, Mastercard, Ecopayz and Neteller are included in these. They also have Crypto currencies such as e-wallets and Bitcoin. The range of these broad banking options ensures that no players are out. They also provide safe and safe transactions by giving personal passwords to run your accounts.

Withdrawals can be made through Skrill, Visa, Mastercard, Ecopayz and Neteller. They offer more than 40 banking options and crypto currency such as Bitcoin. There are also e-wallets you can pull. The withdrawal can take an hour after everything is verified. However, the process for new members may take up to 24 hours.

22bet Casino localized his tongue to more than 50 languages. These are French, Latvian, Greek, English, German, Finnish, Arabic, Chinese, Estonian, Hungarian, Japanese, Georgian, Croatian, Polish, Norwegian, Albanian, Slovenian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish and Korean. Different languages ​​allow many players from different countries to bet and play on their sites. AT22Bet Casino is considered more than 10 currencies. Most customers prefer to use USD, EUR or local currencies. Some currencies are AUD, BTS, BTC, ZEC, Xgox, BCH, RUB, SIB, TRY, XEM, Dash, Doge, and CNY. With the spectrum of these extensive currencies, the casino goals a large market with profitable for themselves.

The casino can be reached via live chats, callback service, phone and emails. A good support system allows the player’s needs to be met on time. With live chats, your questions can be answered faster. Callback services and phone is also a great way, but when it is answered in time.

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The posting of the .1 and ASP.NET APP Suspend blog post.

Resize in Windows Forms controls. You can use the system DPI setting to resize the control components by selecting an entry in the application configuration file (app.config) in the application configuration file (eg, icons that appear in a property manual). This feature is currently supported in the Windows Forms controls below:

To enable this feature to Configuration file (app.config) Add a new item and EnableWindowsFormshighDpiautoresizing Set the item as follows TRUE:

Return the values ​​in the Visual Studio debugger. While Visual Studio 2013 debugs in a managed embodiment, while auto ‘s window displays the turn types and values ​​of the methods. This information can be used for desktop, windows store and Windows Phone applications. For more information. Review the return values ​​of method calls.

Edit and continue for 64-bit applications. Visual Studio 2013 Desktop, Windows Store and Windows Phone 64-bit supports the Edit and Continue Feature for managed applications. The current limitations apply to both 32-bit and 64-bit applications (see the last section of the supported code changes (C #)).

Debugs that perceive asynchronously. Visual Studio 2013 To facilitate debugging in incompetent applications, to facilitate debugging, the call stack hides the infrastructure code specified by the compilers to support when compulsory programming, and chains in logical upper frames to be able to watch the logical program execution more clearly. A tasks window replaces the parallel tasks window and displays the tasks related to a specific cutting point, and also displays other tasks that are currently active or scheduled in practice. To find out about this feature, you can find the .NET Framework 4.5.1 announcement in the “Debug” section of “time ingredients” section.

Better exception support for Windows run-time components. Windows 8.1 Protects the information about the specific situations that result from Windows store applications, the information about the error causing the special case throughout the boundaries. In order to learn about this feature, you can find the “Net Framework 4.5.1 announcement in the “Windows Store Application Development” section.

Support for larger arrays from 2 gigabytes (GB) on 64-bit platforms. This feature can be activated in the application configuration file. The object size and other restrictions on the series are listing other constraints Item.

Background for servers is better performance with waste collection. When you use the server trash collection at the .NET Framework 4.5, the background of the waste collection is automatically activated. Look at the Background Server Trash section of the subject of trash collection foundations.

The background is fully in time (JIT) compilation, optionally, can be used in multi-core processors to increase application performance. See. ProfileOptimization.

Before the timeout of the normal expression infrastructure is able to limit the normal expression to resolve the normal expression. See REGEX.MATCHTIMEOUT. feature.

When the class is used at Windows 8, the 2008 version of the International Domain Names in Applications (IDNA) standard support system.

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If there are non-compliant casinos, there are even processes up to the installed fines to close the casino.

If you are playing in between you, Dealera don’t blasphem … Scratch to write, read the blasphemy every day, we were bored of the arrow ..

I would die if I didn’t tell you that I discovered something very incredible. Though those who are dominated by the subject are likely to be surprised, but I think it is unaware of what a great mass returns. As you know, gambling crime in Turkey. At least the slot or something is not able to say so say so. but doing this online casino turkey in shades limits.

They are a bit sophisticated to skip the system in a form and accept bank transfer or to pull the money, they want you to bring water from a thousand streams. Residence, TC Identity NO, the photo of your bank card’s front and back side of your bank, you need to provide information to the information with selfie vs tone with your identity. I walked around I didn’t shake these I’m getting dedicated.

On the other hand, the main surprised part is this place. I guess these remittances have found a manual method of casinos that are the size that will not be grappling with the risks of the EFT option. I’m not sure how I can tell you exactly however, they are indirectly discarding the money with Cepbank, as if they are in close to a nearby and transfer the money to your account. They also do the same for QR code. You are creating QR code as you send money to a side. These guys are also manually atmans and pull the money and transmits the money to your online casiona account.

This is how it is a layout, how can it last my mind. Hundreds of deposits in one day are taking place to each of these sites. There must be an army from the online casiona elements waiting at the ATM.

I’m writing for roulette; The 3-4 figures are only coming in 3-4 digits that we left empty though we have left the 3-4 digits only. When you pressed the Head in Headlessly, it was definitely not exactly 10 times we tried it to 3-4 to the cavity ball. I tried my friends tried. always the same thing is happening. During the game, it is alive, “he always comes empty,” he complained to the croupy, how many people I heard. Games can be entered and played from different sites but are all played in Malta. Malta is making games. with a magnetized instrument called the guillotine. This tool is; The servo mounted on the roulette cone is remotely controlled by the engine with the help of the motor, remove the nail when the nail is removed when desired and the ball is cut to the desired number. If you keep the bird with your mouth, you are not likely to make a dollar on those tables. The game is going out of being a chance game. I think they do that. This is my complaint. I want the refund of my money they get unfair. I may not be a legal medium I can give but I will call my right to decipher the social media. Below is the following Web addresses that connect the Malta Realm Entertainment Limited company to the rooms.

Today it is the first time in my life is the first time I have seen in a row 9 times in a row (not the machine is thrown by Dealer) on the internet of casino games …

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It is cut from death and the court or mediator will implement the First Mediation and Bulk Litigation Welcome Agreement available after you start using services.

If you are in the United States, you agree that these conditions affect interstate trade and the interpretation and implementation of the Federal Arbitration Act (including the procedural provisions of the Federal Arbitration) (including the procedures of the procedural). In addition, the relationship between us will be carried out by the laws of California, except the conflict of its legal principles.

If you have anywhere outside the United States, the relationship between these conditions and the relationship between us and the conflict of the legal principles will be carried out by the Irish law.

If you are in the United States, the legal procedures left out of the Mediation Agreement in Chapter 15 (other than the neighborhood of the neighborhood), the parties have not received a mutual agreement on another place, San Francisco should be carried out to the State or Federal Court in California. You are agreed that Zynga and Zynga Corporate Family are San Francisco, California’s legal solution and jurisdiction.

If you are in any place other than the United States, the proceedings must be brought to a court (“Authoritative Judiciary”) in the country where the parties do not agree on another place on another place. You, Zynga and Zynga Corporate Family have agreed that the competent judicial region is the legal solution and jurisdiction mercii.

Each paragraph in these terms works separately from each other. In the Chapter 15, except for the situations defined in the “lack of bulk case”, this requirements will be applied to any part of the Property Terms and Community Rules, will continue to maintain the validity and binding of these conditions, Property Terms and Community Rules. The substances that are not applicable will be economically replaced by the nearest substance that may be illegal or non-applicable.

We can give our rights or obligations to our rights or obligations that are born from the Property Conditions or Community Rules, you can give any person or asset. You, these conditions, feature conditions or Community Rules, you cannot give anyone of your rights or obligations before receiving Zynga’s written confirmation of Zynga, all kinds of export attempts made without our approval are invalid.

All other conditions we refer to this Terms and Music Conditions, it constitutes all of our agreement in terms of the subject of this Terms and our agreement between us and the parties on the parties on the subject of this Terms, you and all of us. Whether this memorandum is made with electronic, verbal or written or traditions, applications, policies or precedent, all of them are replaced. This provision does not apply to the users in the AEA.

We, if we offer these conditions, property terms, community rules, privacy policy or other other rules or other rules or policies, this is only done for informational purposes. The translated versions will be a different version than the English version, then the current version will be the English version. This provision is not applied to the users in the AEA.

In this case, we do not implement our rights within the scope of this Terms of Property or Community Rules, it does not mean that we are waived us in the future. And our business conditions do not mean that it is clearly waived from a substance of the Property Terms or Community Rules, it does not mean that it is waived every time in the future. If we do not fulfill or oppose an obligation, we will do this in writing and this will not mean that we will automatically waive any obligation or against any obligation.

If we have to be a notification according to your requirements, property terms or Community Terms, you are able to send it to you by publishing a message at, or Zynga game / games you have played on We can be notified by communicating in ways.

If you want to send us the notification on a topic in accordance with the Terms, Property Terms or Community Rules, this notification should be made in writing, as long as we are not specified by us by us: Zynga Inc., Attn: Legal Department, 699 8th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.

We, our control outside, natural disasters, battle, terrorism activities, riot, ambargo, civil or military institutions, fire, flood, accident, network infrastructure faults, strikes or transportation services, fuel, energy, workforce or materials.

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