One of the options here is a wine tasting @ home. Some winemakers offer such a service. The wines are sent in advance by post and a sommelier joins the virtual Christmas party.

Or you can have a cocktail evening with an online cocktail class. Here, too, the ingredients for all participants are sent in advance by post. Mixing the cocktail is then explained by a bartender in front of the webcam. Alternatively, you can also warm the mulled wine or of course the popular non-alcoholic punch variant.

When everyone has been provided with biscuits and drinks and the imp gifts are unpacked, it’s time for the Christmas games:

Some games are perfect for online editions, such as: Tabu, City-Country-River, Who am I? or an online round of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Which office or club is too boring can also play a round of online escape rooms with their team. There are now more and more providers where you can also solve tasks against time at home or in a virtual round. Don’t forget: Have sparkling wine delivered to all participants beforehand so that they can toast while solving the task. There are also one or the other digital crime dinner to be found online.

Another idea for a very cheerful virtual Christmas Eve with colleagues or the club is one or more rounds and hours of online karaoke.

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