The caller keeps a time interval of 10 to 15 seconds between the individual drawings. Then he draws the next number. The caller announces the number drawn out loud. The player must then independently check whether the number drawn is on the ticket.

If the player finds the number drawn on the ticket, he only has to mark it. The marking is either made in the form of a circle or in the form of a cross. The winner is then defined by the bingo variant played. In most cases it is a pattern that has been determined in advance.

The pattern must then consist of these drawn numbers. Only then can the player win. Another way to win the game is to get a coverall. In this case, the bingo rules state that every single number on the card must be marked. This is the only way the player can win.

Since the numbers are drawn at random, you as a player have absolutely no influence on the course of the game. On the other hand, there are skills that you can train yourself as a player. This way you can increase your chances of winning significantly. This is particularly true of speed. After all, bingo is also about being heard when you have your ticket full.

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