To understand how to win, you need to be familiar with your bingo card and where the numbers are distributed. A bingo ticket consists of a total of 27 number fields. These are divided into 3 rows with 9 number fields or lines.

Each of these lines already contains 5 numbers and 4 empty spaces. They are arranged in ascending order so that you can find them more quickly. 3 prizes can be won in every 90 ball bingo game. The first prize is won with the first row of the 9 number fields.

The first player to receive and mark the 5 missing numbers wins the game. The game continues and the next winner must have received all the numbers in the first and second rows. The final winner must then have marked all numbers on the card to win the bingo game.

If you play this game in a real bingo event and all the numbers on your field have come up, you have to shout out bingo so that the leader of the game can confirm the win. In online bingo, the winner is automatically announced by the software. Here are the rules of 90 ball bingo again:

There are 6 playing fields on each of the bingo cards. You can also buy individual playing fields. Most of the players prefer to play a full bingo card. So you will find 6 playing fields there that contain all 90 numbers. G

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