New Year’s Eve can come. I’m still working on countdown bags for the kids and have one or the other idea. Tomorrow on my birthday we will just have a nice day out as a family. We travel back to prehistoric times and go to Gondwana Park and look for traces of the dinosaurs. You know that my son is a total dinosaur fan.

Then bake cakes on Sunday and celebrate on Monday. My biggest New Year’s Eve problem is actually staying up that long every year. I am a total morning person and everything that is after 11 p.m. demands incredible effort from me to be reasonably fit. I have to drink a lot of black tea to experience New Year’s Eve while awake!

I wish you a happy new year, a great party and a happy birthday! LG Bina

what, you don’t know bingo? In bingo you have to fill a row horizontally or vertically or diagonally in the middle. You take small coins, sweets, stones and whenever a card (in the template the last page) is drawn, you place a symbol on the drawn picture on your card. As soon as you have a row full, you shout bingo loudly and win the round. There is then an optional small price.

It is best to have one of the cards uncovered per round You can also put the cards in a sack and pull them out of it.

Great idea, I’m not getting going this year when it comes to preparing for New Year’s Eve. I wish you a good start into the new year.

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