If the AAA is unable to determine the mediator in any case opened by you or Zynga, any of the parties may apply to a state court or federal court in San Francisco, California to determine a mediator. A mediator appointed by a court shall execute the mediation, unless otherwise stated in these conditions, to AAA rules and procedures (including expenses and expenses).

If the parties are applied to the same or substantially similar operations, situations or events in AAA, in case of more than one claim (“associated claims”) due to the situations, situations or events (made against Zynga or against you) by AAA and the process of admission by AAA agrees to be taken. The parties agree that the previously related demands will not accept any associated demand for mediation to mediation until a mediator is assigned to mediation or related to the associated demands. In the event of more than one associated claim application at the same time, the parties will not accept any associated demand for mediation until a mediator is assigned to the relevant demands to be processed in order to be determined by AAA to be determined by AAA. Accepts that there will not apply any application fee for the associated request.

In accordance with AAA rules, the parties agree that the parties cannot be assigned to decide a request to decide a request if a mediator is intervened in any associated demand.

The parties agree to claim the prudential measure to be requested in the court. If there is a dispute that one side demands both precautionary measures and other solutions, the corresponding party must resort to the court to ensure the decision of injunction measure and apply to mediation for other solution paths.

For information on which the parties can go to the court to solve these kinds of disputes, see the 17th section (the solution of legal disputes outside the mediation).

By voluntarily agreeing to these terms (and in many of our services in many of our services to indicate that you agree to these terms), you are all of you, as Zynga and Zynga Corporate Family, you only accept that you can claim to each other individually individually.

This is the entitlement of mediation and bulk case in Chapter 15, with the provisions of the waiver of the waiver, to give us the abandonment and depend on your decision to give up on the physical mail indicated in the notifications. The notification must be submitted from the first use of your services or gesture (whichever one later) within the next thirty (30) days; Otherwise, you will have to take the conflict to mediate as determined in this section 15. If you give up the provisions of this mediation, Zynga will not be connected to these provisions.

We will inform you through e-mail or services if we make any changes to the Agreement and Bulk Litigation Agreement in the 17th section of the 17th section. “15. Section Mediation and Bulk Sue Changes in the Faugatics Agreement “If this subsection can be applied or not applicable or applicable, this subdivision 15. b

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