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Kemder President Alpay Hacıoğlu “Real Estate Agents Daily House Status

Kemder President Alpay Hacıoğlu “Real Estate Agents are not aware of daily house rental situations. Leasing by third parties. The person who will be processed in the housing is partners, “he said.

In recent years, increasing daily household leases came to the agenda following terrorist events. The number of daily housing rental leases provided quickly without sharing the credentials reached the sizes to threaten the social life and internal safety. These homes are made, gambling, gambling and drug claim is on the agenda.

The homes used on the terrorist organization and prostitution are not taxed. The trading volume of trade created on daily and hourly rented houses began to hide the lip. The President of Kocaeli Real Estate Agents (Kemder) President Alpay Hacıoğlu said the role of real estate agents in the renting of daily houses, these and similar places were rented via the agencies, declared or internet.

Hacıoğlu said that real estate agents have long-term rent contracts, “In the statements made from the Ministry of Customs and Trade in the last period, a regulation is made to be rented by people registered in the Realtors ‘Realtors’ Realtors. Daily rents of these houses are around 100 TL “She spoke in the form. Hacıoğlu, “Safety and Finance must be a notification system in Safety and Finance, which indicates that the audit mechanism is not well applied all over the world. Thus, both tax loss is prevented and the security element is necessarily prevented. Thus, there is immediate intervention when the law of law. May be “said.

Hacıoğlu “in the daily household lease, in the case of notifications, the Ministry of Customs and Trade of the Ministry of Trade in the way, also warns the real estate agents against this system that terrorist organizations often use. Those who apply this system are not notifying and determined by security guards. There is no real estate agents in the renting of such places. The person gives the real estate agent to rent his home. Real Estate Agent is renting on behalf of the person. This person also leases third parties. It needs to be taken care of it “in the statement.

Daily leases are allowed by laws, Hacıoğlu “daily leases are made in holiday regions. The inspections are also done here. When daily rental from the real estate agent is made, law enforcement with the contract needs to be notified. Realtors are very hard at this point. There are cases of becoming a crime partner in the case of those who do not meet this situation. In addition, our real estate agents are very important to report the laws of law enforcement in this type of situations. “

Hacıoğlu, which is especially in bulk houses of the daily rental method, “crowded people are preferred by these people. In this way they are away from the eyes. It is very important to scroll the audits in these directions. Realtor needs to be alert in their citizens as well as important tasks fall. They need to look at what they don’t have in their rental residences. They’re not trading from any formal place “said. My Bilal Rovel

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However, the avcilar, TUM are a rite of social activities in this Dogal Guzels. As a result, the ulasim, which is in the case, it is realized as well as in the final donames, and the Each vehicle is easy to reach Avcilar. Therefore, individuals who are sitting in Avcilar can provide the dapartamlili of social life by ease to any one of Istanbul.

Marmara Street: is the center of avcilar. The kalmara street, which is a grooming of the Gunan every hour, there are cookay deemed clothing magazasi, cafés, restaurants and attractions. Located along the street, the long pool is a different kind of gums to this street.

In our apartments, the first sinelfile furniture is used and are equipped with gerece to each need. In the kitchen, you can use your own food yourself to be used in June and Fileirin, and you can be Ozgur in the Clarity of your stay.

Our apartments in Avcilar are not found in the problem. With your own car, you can make it easy to make our apartments with the collective transportation vehicles with your own car.

Biçezali Denismi Denismi Kasyali Kasyali DiNişe Denizz Views In the Avcilar Denizzkosk Daizanziz Metrobuse Neighborhood 2 One 100 M2 Esyali DaiDezumanumu Rummy …

We are going to create an environment of your own apartment in your own apartment. When your friends and family will be your night dapartami …

We are diced to be dewatered and hygienic, and detailed cleanliness is well-made. Single-use slippers in our apartments in the neighborhood of Avcilar Yesilkent, Dapartami …

Strike Suites Avcilar Accommodation Advertisementina If you are looking for a difference you are looking forward to Hit Suites? Simdiden’s visit to your visit and hope for memorable moments throughout your visit

The coast and offered in Istanbul are a panoramic view of a coastal town with a panoramic view of a seaside town.

AVCarar Apart Avcilar Apart is the center of the Avcilarin, it is designed to be designed with the EXTREMELY LUKS essentials and completely introduced apart and apartments.

Avcilar Apart Fifty TL The only one you need to do is to visit our Internet site or mobile app for alternative ads.

Since the year of 2010, we are doing the best of this nature to make the best we are and our team is clean as the apartments and hygienic dapartami …

You are dicking the aparthotel and hygienic for our guests, detailed virginity is designed to be detailed. Avcilar Yesilkent is in the neighborhood of our apartments in the neighborhood of a drain, Dapartami …

Our experts all over Turkey Apartment your search will help you to over capital. Thanks to the first class professions, you have the new Dogan Gune COK HiZaz Kazanli waking up Sansina.

When examining the Avcilar Kiralık Apartments, how about LUKS to knowledge of the relationship to the nationality you organized apartma? History of Avcilar The historic dairy, nufus and which neighborhoods are as a number of details as a number of details, you can create the most gin-vertebral area of ​​the stude by learning. Our Avcilar and Ozge Countries are on Hit

If You Want To Visit The Name Please Fill The Form Below to Make Sure You Are Hamis An Automated Boat Or A Virus Infected User.

The Metrobus Duragina is similar to whether you are similar to the destruction center of the butun, Necip and Hiyenik are designed if the residence sea view is faced by the apartments with the apartments and the desire to seek your mormetic guests. Each aparthotel has internet WiFi, Cay, Coffee, Kettle, and the refrigerator.

You guests are located in Bagirsakin Apartbulunan Cyalnizsir Machine and of course TUL ELEKTIRKLI HANUMAN and Saire more than Hersey Mapartcut. Dapartami …

Avcilar Guid Daily Kilik Apartavcilar Gunce is the center of Kiralik Apartavarin, is the center of the Avcilarin, is designed to be designed with the ultra-predicated essentials of the ultra-gosterists and allows you to make a completely appointed apartments.

You can also apart from the course of durust preferences. The Apartk in generation comfort is even forward to you on the offlaz. The Boylecene is the next is Gunune COK can be prepared by resting in a figure. The first classroom apart will help you to make your life easier, and it will be able to help you have a COK elan based on the fact. Make the bestly by junning the best.

Ful Denihzzzelididenizzkoskler de Maparti Valley DaiMe Di Maparti Valley …

The chassis and offered in Istanbul with panoramic views of a coast with a coast of a coast in the town of Kiralar Kiralik Apar

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Prices are provided by our partners and reflects overnight room rates including all our taxes and fees known by our partners. Please refer to our partners for more details.

Welcome to 777 Hometel! This small hotel in Nakhon Phanom is a second nest for you, offers many different facilities to make your stay more enjoyable.

From thanks to Saint Anna Nong Saeng Catholic Church (2, 9 km) and Thai-Vietnamese Friendship Village (4, 2 km), and the proximity to Thai-Vietnamese Friendship Village (4, 2 km) can be easily navigated in 777 Hometel.

Small hotel offering fridge and air conditioning facilities, you will feel you in your nest. Connecting to the Internet is also very friendly thanks to free WiFi.

Guests can access the 24-hour reception and concierge services for 777 Hometel stays. It also offers 777 Hometel free breakfasts. Thus your Nakhon Phanom travel will pass even more pleasant. Another convenience of business offers free parking service.

If you search for a venue close to dining, you have many attractions near 777 Hometel, such as Nang Nang Naem Nuang (0, 5 km), Ruean Rim Nam Restaurant (0, 9 km) and Chelsea Riverside Restaurant (1, 6 km).

If you have the time, share Sri Sri Satta Nakarat, which is a famous thing in the walk distance, see Nakhon Phanom Provincial Governor’s Residence Museum and San Lak Mueang Nakorn Phanom.

777 With Hometel comes with Nakhon Phanom’s best experiences to the bottom of your foot. Thus, you can both rest and have a pleasant time on your holiday.

This is a good 3 star hotel. In a very close location: the perfect night market is the river and just a 5 minute walk away. Day Sunday, a 7-minute walk away. You need to see the new dragon near the river city center. . . 10 minutes walk to the hotel. To see under night lights. Many restaurant forms 1 – 8 minutes walk. Ohio is the perfect atmosphere. . . I would recommend this for a nice lunch or dinner. At the same time many small excellent dishes offer 50 baht for local restaurants. The hotel, bike ride, bicycle road along the river. So beautiful. The hotel is clean. The size of the rooms is good. The beds are very comfortable. Refrigerator in the room. Hot water. Free breakfast is simple. Eggs, fried bread, coffee, orange juice, milk, hot chocolate. Fresh…

800 km bike journey during this hotel facilities in Nong Khai Ubon Ratchathani. The Mekong River is a short walk from the front and Vietnamese monument. Classic rooms installation (air conditioning, television, refrigerator). We have received the rooms on the ground floor, so we can also easily be safe. Unfortunately, the rooms are just close to the ‘staff’ section and the noise of the noise in the corridors in the corridors every afternoon and reception. The rooms and bathrooms are not very spacious but very clean. The staff were very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Free Wi-Fi and a light breakfast included in the price. This had a better night rest. Proper price / quality ratio. Night there again.

Thank You Very Much For Your Value Review, We Apologize For Any Inconvenience, We Promise That We Will Impoint Our Self To Make it Better. Thank you.

Excellent Nakhon Phanom for short stays: The restaurants near the center of all city center, good service, simple but clean rooms, easy to use transportation and airport. They offer breakfast, everything works.

I stayed at this hotel for two nights. Clean, comfortable and the air conditioning was working very well. The beds like all Thai were very hard, but this was a very good condition. Most staff are within walking distance of places to eat a lot of food including. If you want a little further; hire pedestrians and cars. Comes with a light breakfast, coffee, orange juice, bread and jam, room. The staff are check-in and check-out with enough English skills. If I come back to Nakhon Phanom, I stay at this hotel again.

This is my second to stay at this hotel. The location of the hotel is good, the store, restaurant, on the street of walking on Friday and on Saturday and on the Mekong River. The room was simple and clean. In the morning, a simple breakfast (coffee, tea, juice, bread and jam) .Burada also, to hire a motorcycle to tour around the city.

Are you the owner or manager of this business? To respond to the comments, verify that you are free to update your profile and to do so many things like this.

Some of the surrounded areas of Paya Sri Satta Nakarat (0.7 km), Nakhon Phanom Provincial Governor’s Residence Museum (0.9 km) and Vietnamese Memorial Clock Tower (0.2 km).

Yes, 777 Hometel business offers airport shuttle service. We recommend that you can call the business in advance to get precise information.

This version of our website, Turkish (Turkey) is directed to the person speaking. If you are residing in another country or region, please choose the tripadvisor version that is suitable for your country or region, from the drop-down menu. other

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How useful could a 33-year-old player from China could be? Moreover, the history of disability was increasingly puffy. The fans had a promise of a rich head that fulfills the previous request of two years. Perhaps it was … the president couldn’t have much to do with the matter. Already changed the story, it was Drogba himself that writes the story more precisely.

How was she going to start? What was he to do? Was it like in Chelsea or no longer an old old? No one knows what happened. The Chinese league was like a black hole. It was my failure to get there.

It took five minutes to answer all the questions. The first match in Drogba’s Super League, February 2013 … Akhisarspor was not found Galatasaray goals in the displacement. Match 0-0 was ongoing. Drogba has entered the game instead of Hope Cloud in 63 minutes. A ball came after four minutes. Drogba rose. Two defense players with him risen. Someone was surprised, the other fell on the floor, the Drogba ball is the head of the head, the goalie could not lie on the ball. Lake!

While watching the match is not to assign this goal over the surprise, Drogba took the ball on the mid-site, went into a position, gave a pailla and the name prepared the goal this time. Drogba was still like the stone! With the entry of the game, the time of the score was seven minutes from the arrival of 2-0.

OK; Super League quality and level could lift Drogba. There was no need to be as strong as Chelsea to be successful here. But though both in that match and continues, physics always felt that this league is an excess player. The Super League is very valuable ‘old’ players came. Their old ones did not prevent them from being ‘good’. Cated with some skill and technique. With some of the finishers, some of the game intelligence, who is with his knowledge. But in physics, an old man showing that the Drogba is as another level player.

Drogba was in the first season, so in half season, scored five goals. With Real Madrid, he was played with the heel scorer, he was played with his heel goal. But the actual entered very well the next season. He gave a goal with the gogrove to Fenerbahce in the Super Cup game. Scored seven goals in the first half of the season. The dreams founded with Drogba were now a realistic state. He scored a goal there to Juventus, download the historic Golde ball in Istanbul. Everything was going very nice.

In those days, no one thought Drogba will return to Chelsea. Galatasaray – Chelsea match was significant because Drogba’s return to Stamford Bridge. Had a romantic value. Was at least felt like that. But ‘Blue Elephant’ turned this match to a PR run. Moreover, the performance began to fall. After the kura has been pulled, he scored only two goals in the two-month period until the first match played. After the trailer in London was just a match.

Some Galatasaray fans are still offended by Drogba for those days. Even even using heavier expressions. Increasing the bet in London, the free kick in the game in London was intentionally even those who claimed to have a fixed ‘Legend Drogba’ ban on the stand-on the street. The galatasarayed fans can be broken the heart but there is a fact; Drogba came from China to Turkey and returned to where it started from there.

At the beginning of the post, we said ‘bad transfer on paper’, the facts were the opposite! Turkey said no player could not draw like the way the route of Drogba.

He was perhaps Nicolas Anelka who approached him. French star, Fenerbahce Bolton, Chelsea went on from there, perhaps, but it is already suitable age when it comes to Turkey.

Then let’s list the terms; You will have a very large career, you will run 1.5 years at the Super League, you will stay two years from the senior leagues, your age will be on one of the most powerful teams of Europe, and you will experience the championship in the league.

Drogba has no need to explain the career in Marseille, which begins in Marseille and the peak in Chelsea. Galatasaray’s days would be long long to tell long long. These are all known. But it is sufficient to make sense to Chelsea from Galatasaray to summarize all his career.

Drogba was always such a footballer. In the brightest times in Chelsea, when it falls on the field on the field, it was not to change the manager in 2012 and the Champions League and even in the first Akhisar match in the first Akhisar match. He has always tried to win. Till the last moment is passionately tied to this game and ambition. Maybe may have seen Galatasaray as a springboard. Galatasaray fans can also be mad at it. But at least; Didn’t see Super League as a pension.

It is very hard to know which motivation of the footballer is whatever. If a player from China to Turkey, giving you some feelings, then there is no absolute truth in this business.

“I was doing everything with the love of football, I feel. Because I was only feeling when I live. The football lives, I was taking football in me with every breath I received. “

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TEAM INEOS was announced that today (July 9) was not renewed with Chris Froome with Chris Froome and after 10 years, Froome was the last year of the team. Four times Tour de France champion Chris Froome is not yet clearly determined in which team will be on the new year when you spend the last season with Ineos.

Team Ineos Team Manager Sir Dave Brailsford reported that the decision was willing to be the only leader of the team on the official website of the team.

BRAILSFORD, “Chris’s current contract ends in December, but we decided to renew the contract right now. We are doing this announcement to end the speculations and are doing earlier than we plan to focus on the rest of the season as a team, “he continued by saying:

“Chris, from us from the beginning. He shared a great champion and many memories together, together in the years. However, I believe that this decision taken now is the correct decision for both Chris and the team. Considering the achievements in this sport, he wants to be the only leader in the team – which is not something that we can guarantee itself.

At this point as a team, we have to provide the other members of the team as well as their leadership opportunities. Currently, I am very excited about the skills we have as a team and our single focus is prepared for the next season. Each of us are looking forward to the competition as of next month! “

Team Ineos Confirms We Will Not Be Renewing @ ChrisFroome’s Contract – SO After 10 Great Years This Season Will Be Chris’s Last With The Team.

Following Brailsford’s statement, the 35-year-old British cyclist was responded from the Froome as follows: “We spent a ten years outstanding with the team and were able to have a lot of things together. These will always be precious to me. I will be looking forward to the exciting new challenges when my career passed to the final stage, but currently the only focus point is to win France Tour with the Ineos team! “

Following the explanation of Ineos to the France Tour, Froome could renew the agreement ending with the team and the negative discourse of Egan Bernal to help the team has created question marks in minds. While Thomas continued to maintain its silence on the subject, “I hope we can forget everything else when we started the competition” was commented.

On the air of the ISRAEL Start-Up Nation, the speculations of the British biker how to follow the road to the rest of the season on the rest of the season on the rest of the season. But finally, the description from Team Ineos has eliminated the question marks in the minds. It keeps the uncertainty if Froome will continue to the road after Ineos.

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Again, who was using this pulse attempt, ‘Allah’s grace’, embracing as the political opportunity? He was Erdogan as well.

Now when you are in the airplane in the air in the air, while he is hiding in the tunnel of the Prime Minister, while you are trying to guarantee a way of guaranteeing from the Army Commander in Istanbul, and go to the parliament ‘Immediately to the Parliament, I’m coming to Ankara. ‘Which face are you asking about our General President that says?

Then we also ask; ‘What was your job in Marmaris before impact? Why did the airplanes, helicopters stand there? Did you receive an intelligence in advance? What time did you board the airplane? Why did not publish the Report Report to the TBMM Pulse Research Commission in which the opposition involving these issues include? ‘

The unclear, the clouds of doubt on, are the role of these in this impact. Are sinking as they talk. Our General Chairman told. Explain records who showed who is the day, who is talking to. Reveal HTS records. May the facts arise. But I’m saying again, the day, the day, the day, the day of July 15 and the day of July 20 will be illuminated.

The arrogant man of the palace on his finger on the ten black. The Palace Propaganda officers also entered the saint memories of our martyrs on the 15th of July martyrs with the MEHtered films. 309 million pounds were collected for the relatives of July 15 and veterans. The dollar of dollars he collected makes $ 81.5 million. He asked for the right to martyr relatives and veterans. Those didn’t leave the martyrs near and veterans. Before you give it a calculation of his / her on July 15, where the gathered donations gathered for the relatives and veterans. For the saint memories of our saints of 251 citizens, we are asking for 2 thousand 196 to the right of our gas. Where went these coins? Why not be paid to the right owners? The right of our martyrs and veterans, who has entered the nest of the They respond? They do not give.

Beyond the feth ocean but the ideas are in power. We’ve seen this in the end of the law given to the ‘multi bar’. The Gazi, which reveals the palace, martyr families and their lives, has given the right of our citizens, has a FETO project ‘Multi Baro’ project. The Group Chairman of the Government was also saying Saffatin while providing season. ‘FETO, PKK Baro has established, the course was’ Deyiver. This is the mindset with the mindset fetCO and PKK for years of arm walking arm coke. Here are 251 citizens due to this mindset. Neylesin Beards when you don’t be the mind? However, they do not pay the cost of their brainsteps and the Palace. The price always pays our nation.

This guardianship regime is our nation, not only in life; with his job, he’s testing with vaccine. TURKSTAT in the custody of the Saray’s society’s grooming, the unemployment figures had just explained. From the day he made the palace regime to the day, ie the past two years. Our 3 million 202 thousand citizens have lost their job. In one month, only 968 thousand in one month is separated from their job.

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