Again, who was using this pulse attempt, ‘Allah’s grace’, embracing as the political opportunity? He was Erdogan as well.

Now when you are in the airplane in the air in the air, while he is hiding in the tunnel of the Prime Minister, while you are trying to guarantee a way of guaranteeing from the Army Commander in Istanbul, and go to the parliament ‘Immediately to the Parliament, I’m coming to Ankara. ‘Which face are you asking about our General President that says?

Then we also ask; ‘What was your job in Marmaris before impact? Why did the airplanes, helicopters stand there? Did you receive an intelligence in advance? What time did you board the airplane? Why did not publish the Report Report to the TBMM Pulse Research Commission in which the opposition involving these issues include? ‘

The unclear, the clouds of doubt on, are the role of these in this impact. Are sinking as they talk. Our General Chairman told. Explain records who showed who is the day, who is talking to. Reveal HTS records. May the facts arise. But I’m saying again, the day, the day, the day, the day of July 15 and the day of July 20 will be illuminated.

The arrogant man of the palace on his finger on the ten black. The Palace Propaganda officers also entered the saint memories of our martyrs on the 15th of July martyrs with the MEHtered films. 309 million pounds were collected for the relatives of July 15 and veterans. The dollar of dollars he collected makes $ 81.5 million. He asked for the right to martyr relatives and veterans. Those didn’t leave the martyrs near and veterans. Before you give it a calculation of his / her on July 15, where the gathered donations gathered for the relatives and veterans. For the saint memories of our saints of 251 citizens, we are asking for 2 thousand 196 to the right of our gas. Where went these coins? Why not be paid to the right owners? The right of our martyrs and veterans, who has entered the nest of the They respond? They do not give.

Beyond the feth ocean but the ideas are in power. We’ve seen this in the end of the law given to the ‘multi bar’. The Gazi, which reveals the palace, martyr families and their lives, has given the right of our citizens, has a FETO project ‘Multi Baro’ project. The Group Chairman of the Government was also saying Saffatin while providing season. ‘FETO, PKK Baro has established, the course was’ Deyiver. This is the mindset with the mindset fetCO and PKK for years of arm walking arm coke. Here are 251 citizens due to this mindset. Neylesin Beards when you don’t be the mind? However, they do not pay the cost of their brainsteps and the Palace. The price always pays our nation.

This guardianship regime is our nation, not only in life; with his job, he’s testing with vaccine. TURKSTAT in the custody of the Saray’s society’s grooming, the unemployment figures had just explained. From the day he made the palace regime to the day, ie the past two years. Our 3 million 202 thousand citizens have lost their job. In one month, only 968 thousand in one month is separated from their job.

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