In short, they are doing everything – except TV tracking. “

This is just a bunch of a bunch of bunches and needles in the nest, there is a real “ant city”.

Ants are almost like people. Originally has a number of qualifications: aggression, intelligence, operation, speed of responses, interact with others. Depending on them, it takes every ant occupation.

The Queen of the ants is uterus – a sexually mature woman. The uterus can set up a new ant nest. To do this then pulls a small underground corridor he spawns.

Ants have an expertise – the guard. Taken by individuals showing early aggressiveness. Of course, there are intelligence, but they are not so advanced: they are not very important to make soldiers make sense – they must rush to defend the common sources without hesitation.

The other occupation is the paddy pickers. In some way, the ants have their own pets. The aphids are fed from plant essence and secrete a drop of a sweet liquid called the pad. Mutual beneficial cooperation between ants and aphids is established. The ants collect a pad – are a delicious and nutritious food that is the main source of carbohydrate for them. And protecting their green cows from hunters in return.

There is also a labor between the collectors of the paddy. Of course, you can only take some sweet liquid and drag it to the ant’s nest. But unreasonable in terms of this logistics.

Therefore, there are ants working as shepherds (or grinders): they tickle the aphids that provide high milk yield. And the items received are carried by others.

The ants carefully follow the status of their homes. The medium-sized ant slot consists of 4-6 million needles and branches. Every day, hundreds of construction ants move to the top of the ant nest from above and from the lower floors.

This provides a fixed humidity regime of the nest and therefore remains dry after the ant nest dome rain, decay and mildew.

Even in the ant nest, the doctors have hospitals that surgeons work. And if the residents of the inhabitants, one arm, an arm or leg, the surgeons cut it (gnold).

In addition, the ant family has “keepers” of nectar. If the ants come to the ant and the running ants are no longer able to buy food are necessary for this unpredictable event.

The slavery is common in some types. Ants attack a foreign anthill and plays pups. Then the prisoners that are grown with an awkward ant nest work for the benefit.

01. Covering the needles and thin branches. The house protects from the victimization of the air, is repaired and updated by the running ants.

07. The Royal Room experienced uterus, eggs up to one-half thousand eggs a day. Running ants take care of it.

Something else is amazing: There is no “thought tank” in the ant family to stabilize an ant hill, to obtain the desired result of taking food or to protect food from enemies. In addition, an anatomy of a single tracker, worker or ant uterus does not allow this “brain center” to place a separate ant.

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