Kemder President Alpay Hacıoğlu “Real Estate Agents Daily House Status

Kemder President Alpay Hacıoğlu “Real Estate Agents are not aware of daily house rental situations. Leasing by third parties. The person who will be processed in the housing is partners, “he said.

In recent years, increasing daily household leases came to the agenda following terrorist events. The number of daily housing rental leases provided quickly without sharing the credentials reached the sizes to threaten the social life and internal safety. These homes are made, gambling, gambling and drug claim is on the agenda.

The homes used on the terrorist organization and prostitution are not taxed. The trading volume of trade created on daily and hourly rented houses began to hide the lip. The President of Kocaeli Real Estate Agents (Kemder) President Alpay Hacıoğlu said the role of real estate agents in the renting of daily houses, these and similar places were rented via the agencies, declared or internet.

Hacıoğlu said that real estate agents have long-term rent contracts, “In the statements made from the Ministry of Customs and Trade in the last period, a regulation is made to be rented by people registered in the Realtors ‘Realtors’ Realtors. Daily rents of these houses are around 100 TL “She spoke in the form. Hacıoğlu, “Safety and Finance must be a notification system in Safety and Finance, which indicates that the audit mechanism is not well applied all over the world. Thus, both tax loss is prevented and the security element is necessarily prevented. Thus, there is immediate intervention when the law of law. May be “said.

Hacıoğlu “in the daily household lease, in the case of notifications, the Ministry of Customs and Trade of the Ministry of Trade in the way, also warns the real estate agents against this system that terrorist organizations often use. Those who apply this system are not notifying and determined by security guards. There is no real estate agents in the renting of such places. The person gives the real estate agent to rent his home. Real Estate Agent is renting on behalf of the person. This person also leases third parties. It needs to be taken care of it “in the statement.

Daily leases are allowed by laws, Hacıoğlu “daily leases are made in holiday regions. The inspections are also done here. When daily rental from the real estate agent is made, law enforcement with the contract needs to be notified. Realtors are very hard at this point. There are cases of becoming a crime partner in the case of those who do not meet this situation. In addition, our real estate agents are very important to report the laws of law enforcement in this type of situations. “

Hacıoğlu, which is especially in bulk houses of the daily rental method, “crowded people are preferred by these people. In this way they are away from the eyes. It is very important to scroll the audits in these directions. Realtor needs to be alert in their citizens as well as important tasks fall. They need to look at what they don’t have in their rental residences. They’re not trading from any formal place “said. My Bilal Rovel

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